APT AV HD100T Education Intelligent Auto Tracking Camera 12x Zoom

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The Intelligent Auto-tracking APtech Camera, HD100T, designed for education, utilises a built-in high speed processor and advanced image processing and analysis algorithms to accurately and quickly track lecturers, meeting the demands of remote interactive teaching and lecturer capture.

Equipped with advanced ISP technologies and algorithms, the HD100T captures vivid image quality, uniform screen brightness, a strong sense of depth, high definition resolution, and stunning color rendition. Additionally, it boasts many functions and high performance, while remaining a stable, reliable, and user-friendly machine.

Furthermore, the HD100T is easy to install and maintain, making it a practical choice for educational institutions seeking to enhance their remote teaching capabilities.

  • Panoramic Camera Integration: The HD100T features a built-in panoramic camera that allows for seamless integration of panoramic and tracking camera functionalities.

  • Advanced Tracking Algorithms: The camera uses advanced image processing and analysis algorithms to ensure steady, accurate, and fast target tracking through human detection, locking, and tracking.

  • Anti-Interference: The camera's tracking capabilities are not affected by other moving objects or projectors in the room.

  • Smooth Tracking: The camera's sensitivity can be adjusted to prevent misoperation caused by small movements or gestures of the target being tracked.

  • Full-Frame Image Recognition: Image detection is performed on each frame of the picture, allowing for accurate tracking of people and background even in complex environments with multiple moving targets.

  • Video Image Auto-Adaptation: The tracking camera will automatically zoom based on the distance of the target being tracked, ensuring that the video image maintains appropriate size and proportion.

  • Strong Environmental Adaptability: The HD100T's tracking performance is not affected by the size, shape, or seating arrangement of the classroom.

  • Wide-Range, Quiet, and Quick Pan/Tilt Mechanism: The UV100T camera uses a step driving motor mechanism to move smoothly and quietly without any noises.

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