APT AV HD220 Lecturer Auto Tracking ePTZ Camera

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The HD220-HU3L-SLV Lecturer Auto Tracking ePTZ Camera from APT AV is a powerful 1080P camera with automatic tracking capabilities. With built-in image recognition and tracking algorithms, this camera provides smooth and natural teacher tracking without the need for auxiliary positioning cameras or tracking hosts. Ideal for teaching recording and remote interactive teaching, the HD220-HU3L-SLV offers superior performance with advanced ISP processing algorithms, delivering clear and vivid images with high resolution and fantastic color rendition. Additionally, it is easy to install, maintain, and offers stable and reliable operation.

  • Intelligent lecturer tracking: The HD220-HU3L-SLV camera features a built-in image recognition and tracking algorithm that tracks the target stably, accurately and quickly, without any additional positioning camera or tracking host.
  • Strong anti-interference ability: This camera's tracking target is locked once detected and is free of disturbances from other moving objects or projectors, ensuring a smooth tracking experience.
  • Smooth tracking: The sensitivity of the camera's actions can be adjusted, and it will not be affected by the target's unobvious movement or gestures, ensuring a smooth tracking experience.
  • Strong environmental adaptability: The camera's tracking performance is not affected by classroom size, shape or seat layout, making it adaptable to any environment.
  • Ultra wide dynamic exposure function: The tracking target is not affected by strong light backgrounds or projectors, as the camera is equipped with an ultra-wide dynamic exposure function.
  • Multiple tracking modes: The HD220-HU3L-SLV supports multiple tracking modes, including tracking mode, movie mode, and area tracking mode.
  • Ultra HD: With a 1/2.8-inch high-quality 4K CMOS sensor, this camera can present vivid ultra-high-definition video, showcasing the target's facial expressions and actions with clarity.
  • Wide view angle and distortion-free lens: The camera features an ultra-wide-angle, distortion-free lens that supports 3X digital zoom and EPTZ control simultaneously, providing a wide view angle.
  • Low Noise and High SNR: The camera employs low noise CMOS to ensure a high SNR of the video. Advanced 2D/3D noise reduction technology is used to further reduce noise while ensuring image sharpness.
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