Elite Screens

Premium Projector Screens

The Elite Screens range of products offers a wide selection of electric and fixed-frame projection screens suitable for various needs.
They support both front and rear projection, and provide options for acoustically transparent, ambient light rejecting, and polarized 3D materials.

The Elite Screen Projector Range


Manual pull down projection screens with a simple design


Elegant entry-level fixed screens using high quality screen material


High quality electric and aesthetic value motorised projection screens 

Electric Tension

Robust electric motorised projector screens that provide uniform flatness


Portable projector screens that are suited for a variety of on-site setups


The ideal projector screen solution for your meeting room or classroom

Manual Projector Screens

Manual Pull Down

Manual Series Projector ScreenManual Series Projector Screen

With a comprehensive range of sizes and aspect ratio formats, the Manual Series stands as the most comprehensive line of Manual Pull Down screens. Offering versatility to suit various preferences, most models are available in both white and black cases, allowing seamless integration with your interior décor. Standard features encompass a lanyard for convenient operation in hard-to-reach setups, black-masking borders surrounding the entire viewing area for enhanced visual contrast, and a dual wall/ceiling mount design for flexible installation options.

Manual SRM Pro

Manual SRM Pro Series Projector ScreenManual SRM Pro Series Projector Screen

Introducing the Manual SRM Pro, equipped with a remarkable "slow retract mechanism" that enables hands-free retraction for added convenience. Its housing features an elegant pearlescent aluminum white finish, perfectly suited for wall or ceiling installations. The Manual SRM Pro utilises the highly acclaimed MaxWhite® 2 front projection material, renowned for its wide viewing angle, making it an ideal choice for both residential and business presentations.

Yard Master

Yard Master Series Projector ScreenYard Master Series Projector Screen

Yard Master Manual Series offers a non-electric outdoor projection screen, specially designed for the Australian climate. With its IP65 certification for rain and water protection, you can enjoy worry-free outdoor movie experiences. The retractable design is perfect for wall and patio installations, providing media room quality and functionality to your outdoor spaces. The enameled weather-resistant aluminum casing beautifully complements your backyard, patio, or pool deck, creating an inviting atmosphere for evening movie sessions under the stars.

Tab Tension

Tab Tension Series Projector ScreenTab Tension Series Projector Screen

The Manual Tab-Tension Pro, an exceptional tab-tensioned manual pull-down projection screen brought to you by Elite ProAV. This screen boasts a hands-free retraction mechanism, allowing it to effortlessly return into its casing without any assistance. With its tab-tension system, the screen material remains perfectly flat and taut, ensuring uniformity throughout the viewing area. The matte white front projection surface is specifically designed for light-controlled environments and is compatible with a wide range of projectors, including ultra-short-throw, short-throw, and standard-throw models.

Fixed Projector Screens

Sable Frame 2

Sable Frame 2 Series Projector ScreenSable Frame 2 Series Projector Screen

Sable Frame 2 is an entry-level fixed frame screen designed by Elite Screens, perfect for modern home cinemas equipped with 720p and 1080p projectors. This screen is incredibly easy to assemble and can be installed within minutes. The 2.36" aluminium frame, adorned in black velvet, not only enhances the overall aesthetics of your wall but also absorbs excess projector light, resulting in sharper and more vivid images.


ezFrame Series Projector ScreenezFrame Series Projector Screen

Experience the robust yet lightweight metal framework of ezFrame, designed for effortless assembly and offering adjustable screen tension for added convenience. A black velvet frame surfacing as a standard feature, this luxurious velvet material effectively eradicates projector glare, ensuring an optimal viewing experience without unwanted reflections from the untreated metal frame.


Lunette Series Projector ScreenLunette Series Projector Screen

The Lunette Series, a curved fixed frame screen featuring 3.5" black frame borders and utilizing the CineWhite® and AcousticPro 1080P3 materials. The curved design of the screen is specifically engineered to enhance image depth and perception, resulting in a more immersive viewing experience. Additionally, the curvature aids in improving brightness uniformity across the entire screen surface, ensuring consistent and vibrant visuals.

Aeon CLR

Aeon CLR Series Projector ScreenAeon CLR Series Projector Screen

The Aeon CLR® is a revolutionary EDGE FREE CLR® fixed frame screen incorporating Elite Screens' innovative StarBright CLR® (Ceiling Light Rejecting®) material. With its unique serriform optical surface lens microstructure, this screen effectively eliminates the washout effect caused by ambient light, particularly from overhead sources. As a result, the material provides exceptional contrast levels that are 100 times greater than standard matte white projection screens.The StarBright CLR® material is specifically engineered to complement ultra-short-throw projectors.

Polar Star

PolarStar Series Projector ScreenPolarStar Series Projector Screen

The Polar Star, the newest addition to Elite Screen's range of Ambient Light Rejecting projection screens. Designed for both Home Cinema and Commercial markets, the Polar Star is a polarized, angular reflective screen that effectively rejects ambient light, delivering exceptional visual performance. Notably, it excels in handling Active and Passive 3D technologies. The Polar Star material combines a highly reflective surface with a grey diffusion layered coating, resulting in superb brightness and contrast. 

Polar Star eFinity

PolarStar eFinity Series Projector ScreenPolarStar eFinity Series Projector Screen

The Polar Star eFinity Series is an internal-frame projection screen with a cutting-edge wraparound material design. The eFinity EDGE FREE design optimizes the viewing area while minimizing the space footprint, all while maintaining the screen's structural integrity. Featuring a micro-thin 6mm black bezel, this screen delivers a sleek and immersive viewing experience. To enhance the ambiance, the eFinity EDGE FREE comes equipped with a backlight LED kit, complete with a Radio Frequency remote control for convenient operation. 

Electric Projector Screens


Spectrum Series Projector ScreenSpectrum Series Projector Screen

The Spectrum series is the perfect solution for those seeking a versatile electric motorized screen suitable for both residential and commercial wall/ceiling applications. With its 1.1 gain MaxWhite Screen material, this screen offers exceptional picture clarity and accurate color reproduction, making it compatible with a wide range of LCD or DLP projectors available in the market. 


VMAX 2 Series Projector ScreenVMAX 2 Series Projector Screen

he VMAX 2 Series, an advanced electric motorized projector screen designed for both commercial and home theater applications. This screen boasts a silent and power-saving synchronous motor, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Equipped with a range of standard features, including IR and RF remotes, a 12v Trigger, and an Electronic "Eye" Receiver, the VMAX 2 series offers convenient control options to suit your needs.


VMAX Dual Series Projector ScreenVMAX Dual Series Projector Screen

Experience the VMAX Dual® Series, an exceptional electric projection screen that offers versatile aspect ratio options of 16:9 and 2.35:1. This innovative product includes mounting brackets for hassle-free installation and is accompanied by an RF and 12V trigger control kit for convenient operation. Designed with professional-grade features, the VMAX Dual® provides a high-quality surface specifically tailored to match the capabilities of anamorphic projectors. 

PowerMax Pro

PowerMax Pro Series Projector ScreenPowerMax Pro Series Projector Screen

The PowerMax Pro Electric Projection Screen is the perfect solution for modern home theaters. This screen combines elegance and durability with its sleek aluminum casing, designed to seamlessly complement any room decor. The white enamel coating not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides moisture resistance and a premium finish. Equipped with slidable and floating mount brackets, the PowerMax Pro offers flexible installation options. You can easily install the screen first and align it later, thanks to these adjustable brackets.


Saker Series Projector ScreenSaker Series Projector Screen

The Saker Series embodies the principles of quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. This screen features the MaxWhite Fiberglass (FG) material, known for its wide viewing angle, ensuring that the audience can enjoy a clear image from any position in the room. The Saker Series offers a range of standard features for added convenience. It includes a wireless 5-12 volt trigger, allowing seamless integration with your projection system. The IR/RF remotes control package provides versatile control options, and the detachable manual keypad switch offers additional flexibility.


Evanesce Series Projector ScreenEvanesce Series Projector Screen

The Evanesce Series is a remarkable fully-contained in-ceiling electric projection screen designed to elevate your viewing experience. This screen is seamlessly integrated within a white-enameled aluminum housing, allowing for easy and convenient installation. The control package of the Evanesce includes a range of features to enhance usability. It incorporates both IR and RF receivers, providing versatile options for remote control. 

Electric Tension Projector Screens


Aerie Series Projector ScreenAerie Series Projector Screen

The Aerie Tension Series Projector Screen boasts an array of features that make it a top choice for home theater enthusiasts. The screen utilises the award-winning CineWhite® 2 screen material, ensuring stunning picture quality with optimal brightness and contrast. With a 180º wide-viewing angle, the screen delivers a captivating viewing experience from any seat in the room. It supports 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR content, guaranteeing breathtaking visuals. The tab-tension cords ensure uniform flatness across the entire projection surface, eliminating any waves or wrinkles.

PowerMax Tab Tension

PowerMax Tab-Tension Series Projector ScreenPowerMax Tab-Tension Series Projector Screen

The PowerMax Tension Series Projector Screen is a cutting-edge solution for those seeking a premium viewing experience. It utilises the CineWhite® 2 tensioned front projection material, ensuring optimal picture quality with enhanced brightness and contrast. With its 180° viewing angle, the screen delivers immersive visuals from any position in the room. The black backing on the material further enhances picture sharpness and clarity, providing stunning image quality. The tab-tension system of the screen guarantees a flat and uniform projection surface, eliminating any distortion or wrinkles. 

Starling Tab Tension

Starling Tab-Tension Series Projector ScreenStarling Tab-Tension Series Projector Screen

The Starling Tab-Tension 2 Series, a superior tab-tensioned front projection motorized screen offering exceptional quality. Its sleek aluminum housing features an elegant arcuate shape, allowing for floating brackets to be effortlessly attached at the back, ensuring a quick and easy installation process. The Starling Tab-Tension 2 is specifically designed for professional applications, boasting an enhanced motor speed to meet the demands of high-performance settings.

Saker Tab Tension

Saker Tab Tension Series Projector ScreenSaker Tab Tension Series Projector Screen

The Saker Tab-Tension Series is a projection screen that incorporates a reliable tab-tension system and utilizes the MaxWhite Fiberglass material to ensure a perfectly flat projection surface. The Saker Tab-Tension Series offers a range of standard features for enhanced convenience. Enjoy the convenience of a wireless 5-12 volt trigger, allowing seamless integration with your projection system.

Saker Tab Tension ALR

Saker Tab Tension ALR Series Projector ScreenSaker Tab Tension ALR Series Projector Screen

The Saker Tab-Tension Series is an extraordinary electric/motorized tab-tensioned projection screen that combines acoustical transparency and Ultra High Definition capabilities. The AcousticPro UHD material featured in this series is specifically engineered to seamlessly integrate with in-wall speakers, allowing sound to pass through with minimal attenuation. Uses Ambient Light Rejecting technology for optimal viewing.

Evanesce Tab Tension ALR

Evanesce Tab Tension ALR Series Projector ScreenEvanesce Tab Tension ALR Series Projector Screen

The Evanesce in-ceiling electric projection screen is meticulously designed for integrated ceiling installations. Engineered with cutting-edge CineGrey 5D® ambient light rejecting material, the Evanesce Tab-Tension B ensures remarkable performance whether the lights are on or off. Its tab-tensioned material guarantees uniform flatness across the entire projection surface, delivering stunning color saturation, contrast, and an impressive black/white dynamic range. 

Portable Projector Screens


ezCinema Series Projector ScreenezCinema Series Projector Screen

The ezCinema Series is the solution for ultra-portable projector screens designed for both small and large venue settings. The ezCinema Series features a detachable telescoping support bar hardware, making it incredibly convenient to assemble and disassemble. With this innovative design, you can effortlessly set up the screen wherever you need it, ensuring a hassle-free experience. To guarantee an outstanding viewing experience, the screen utilizes Elite Screens MaxWhite® material.

ezCinema Tension

ezCinema Tension Series Projector ScreenezCinema Tension Series Projector Screen

The ezCinema Tab-Tension is a versatile and portable projection screen that combines convenience with exceptional performance. This latest version now features a tab-tension system, ensuring optimal flatness of the screen surface. Setting up the ezCinema Tab-Tension is a breeze, thanks to its innovative "scissor-backed" free-standing mechanism. With this mechanism, you can effortlessly pull up or retract the screen without the need for additional tools or accessories.


Pico Series Projector ScreenPico Series Projector Screen

The Pico Screen Series is the ultimate solution for ultra-light and compact free-standing projection screens specifically designed for portable tabletop presentations. This innovative screen combines convenience, stability, and rapid setup to enhance your on-the-go presentations. The Pico Screen features rotating base feet, ensuring stability on any tabletop surface. This unique design element provides a secure foundation for your screen, allowing you to deliver your presentations with confidence.

Pop-Up Cinema

Pop-up Cinema Series Projector ScreenPop-up Cinema Series Projector Screen

The Pop-Up Cinema Series is the ultimate solution for instant setup of portable projection screens in both outdoor and indoor environments. This innovative screen features a spring-framed design, allowing it to effortlessly "pop-up" and provide a hassle-free setup experience. Constructed with lightweight spring metal, the Pop-Up Cinema Series combines durability with ease of use. The screen instantly springs into shape, providing a sturdy support for the SilkWhite material and its black-mesh border. 


Tripod Series Projector ScreenTripod Series Projector Screen

The Tripod Portable Projection Screen is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor presentations in small or large venues. This reliable and time-tested tripod portable projection screen seamlessly combines precision with a classic design. Built with durability in mind, the Tripod Portable Projection Screen can withstand the demands of daily usage, making it a dependable choice for any professional setting with its rugged construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Yard Master 2

Yard Master 2 Series Projector ScreenYard Master 2 Series Projector Screen

The Yard Master 2, a versatile folding-frame outdoor projection screen designed for seamless outdoor presentations. Crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame, this screen can be effortlessly set up in a matter of minutes. With its user-friendly design, all you need to do is unfold the frame, attach the material and legs, and you're ready to project. The Yard Master 2 offers a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on delivering captivating outdoor presentations.

Whiteboard Projector Screens


Whiteboard Series Projector ScreenWhiteboard Series Projector Screen

The WhiteBoard is an innovative and versatile solution that seamlessly integrates a whiteboard with a projection screen, making it the perfect presentation tool for meeting rooms and classrooms. Unlike traditional whiteboards, it eliminates glare, providing a clear viewing experience. It is compatible with short throw and interactive projectors, offering excellent projection quality. 

Whiteboard Thin Edge

Whiteboard Thin Edge Series Projector ScreenWhiteboard Thin Edge Series Projector Screen

The Thin Edge WhiteBoardScreen is a multi-functional surface that combines the qualities of a theater-grade projection material and a dry-erase writing surface. It features a full lambertian diffuser, ensuring high-quality projection capabilities while also allowing you to easily write and erase on the surface. This innovative solution surpasses traditional whiteboards, offering superior performance for effective and engaging presentations without compromising on functionality.


Insta-DE Series Projector ScreenInsta-DE Series Projector Screen

Effortlessly convert any wall or window into a versatile whiteboard projection screen with the soft-padded dry erase surface of the Insta-DE. Designed with VersaWhite 1.1 gain material, this innovative solution is perfect for short throw projectors and educational training facilities that require both a high-quality projection screen and a convenient writing surface.

Insta-DE 2

Insta-DE 2 Series Projector ScreenInsta-DE 2 Series Projector Screen

Transform your entire walls into a versatile dry-erase whiteboard projection screen with the Insta-DE2. This wall covering film material is designed to instantly convert any surface into a professional Dry-Erase Whiteboard / Projection Screen, making it ideal for use with standard or short throw projectors. The Insta-DE2 features an anti-reflection diffusion layer that provides a wide viewing angle for optimal projection applications.

Insta-DE 2A

Insta-DE2a Series Projector ScreenInsta-DE2a Series Projector Screen

Easily transform your walls into a professional Dry-Erase Whiteboard / Projection Screen with the Insta-DE2a. This self-adhesive wall covering film material is designed for use with standard or short throw projectors, instantly converting your walls into a versatile surface. The VersaWhite "whiteboard-projection screen" ensures durability with its anti-scratch surface, perfect for daily dry erase whiteboard usage. 

Elite Screens

Elite Screens Inc., a projection screen manufacturer headquartered in Southern California, was established in 2004 with a mission to offer consumers high-quality yet reasonably priced projection screens complete with all necessary accessories for a fulfilling projection system experience. From the outset, Elite Screens aimed to provide innovative products that are user-friendly. Over the years, the company's success has propelled its global expansion, solidifying its position as a leading player in the industry.

Elite Series Projectors Popular Searches

Elite Series Model Number(s) Diagonal Size Product Details
Manual M71XWS1, M85XWS1, M99NWS1,M113NWS1, M119UWS1, M119XWS1, M170XWS1, M84NWV, M100NWV1, M120XWV2, M135UWV2, M135XWV2, M150UWV2, M150XWV2, M84UWH, M92XWH, M92UWH, M100UWH, M100XWH, M120UWH2, M120XWH2, M135UWH2, M135XWH2, M150UWH2, M150XWH2, M86NWX, M94NWX, M94UWX, M109NWX, M109UWX, M128NWX, M128UWX, M139NWX, M139UWX 71" - 170"
Yard Master Manual OMS100HM, OMS120HM 100" - 120"
Manual Tab Tension MT100XWV2, MT100XWH2, MT120XWH2, MT135XWH2, MT138XWH2, MT100NWX2, MT113NWX2 100" - 138"
Fixed Sable Frame 2 ER92WH2, ER100WH2, ER106WH2, ER110WH2, ER120WH2, ER135WH2, ER150WH2, ER180WH2, ER200WH2, ER100WX1, ER109WX1, ER120WX1, ER100DH2, ER120DH2, ER135DH2, ER150DH2, ER150DHD3 92" - 200"
ezFrame R84WV1, R100WV1, R120WV1, R135WV1, R84WH1, R92WH1, R100WH1, R85WH1-Wide, R96WH1-Wide, R103WH1-Wide, R115WH1-Wide, R125WH1-Wide, R138WH1-Wide, R158WH1-Wide, R125WH1W-A4K, R138WH1W-A4K, R158WH1W-A4K, R100DHD5, R110DHD5, R120DHD5, R135DHD5, R150DHD5, R84RV1, R100RV1, R135RV1, R84RH1, R92RH1, R100RH1, R106RH1, R110RH1, R120RH1, R84WH1-A1080P2, R92WH1-A1080P2, R100WH1-A1080P2, R106WH1-A1080P2, R110WH1-A1080P2, R120WH1-A1080P2, R135WH1-A1080P2, R150WH1-A1080P2, SE84WH1-A4K, SE100WH1-A4K, SE110WH1-A4K, SE120WH1-A4K, SE135WH1-A4K, SE150WH1-A4K 84" - 158"
Lunette Curve235-103W, Curve235-115W, Curve235-125W, Curve235-138W, Curve84H-A4K, Curve100H-A4K, Curve110H-A4K, Curve120H-A4K, Curve135H-A4K, Curve150H-A4K, Curve235-96A4K, Curve235-103A4K, Curve235-115A4K, Curve235-125A4K, Curve235-138A4K, Curve235-158A4K, Curve235-166A4K 84" - 166"
Aeon CLR AR100WH2, AR110WH2, AR120WH2, AR135WH2, AR150WH2, AR100DHD3, AR120DHD3, AR135DHD3, AR150DHD3 100" - 150"
Polar Star PST100H-F, PST110H-F, PST120H-F, PST135H-F, PST150H-F 100" - 150"
Polar Star eFinity EF100H-PST, EF110H-PST, EF120H-PST, EF135H-PST 100" - 135"
Spectrum Electric84V, Electric100V, Electric120V, Electric84H, Electric100H, Electric125H, Electric150H, Electric180H, Electric90X, Electric106X, Electric128X, Electric100H-A1080P2, Electric125H-A1080P2 84" - 180"
VMAX Dual VMAX100H95C, VMAX120H114C 95" - 120"
PowerMax Pro PM91HT-E12, PM91UHT2-E12, PM100HT-E12, PM100UHT2-E24, PM106UHT2-E12, PM110HT-E12, PM110UHT2-E24, PM120HT-E12, PM120UHT2-E18, PM126UHT2-E12, PM138HT, PM141UHT2-E12 91" - 141"
Saker SK84XHW-E24, SK100XHW-E24, SK110XHW-E24, SK120XHW-E20, SK135XHW-E18, SK150XHW-E12, SK100NXW-E24, SK120NXW-E12, SK200NXW2 84" - 200"
Evanesce EB100HW2-E12, EB110HW2-E12, EB120HW2-E8 100" - 120"
Saker TT SKT100XHW-E12, SKT110XHW-E24, SKT120XHW-E20, SKT135XHW-E6 100" - 135"
Starling TT STT100XWH2-E12, STT110XWH2-E12, STT120ATND3-E20, SSTT120XWH2-E12, STT135ATND3-E20, STT135XWH2-E6, STT150ATND3-E12, STT150XWH2-E6, STT100XWX2-E12, STT110XWX2-E12, STT120XWX2-E12 100" - 150"
Aerie ARE84VW3-E30, ARE100VW3-E20, ARE120VW3-E10, ARE84HW3-E30, ARE100HW3-E24, ARE106HW2-E24, ARE120HW3-E20, ARE135HW3-E12, ARE94XW3-E30, ARE108XW3-E24, ARE114XW3-E20, ARE126XW3-E14, ARE139XW3-E8 84" - 139"
PowerMax TT PMT92HT2-E12, PMT106HT2-E12, PMT120HT2-E4, PMT135HT2-E12, PMT150HT2-E20 92" - 150"
Saker TT ALR SKT100UHD5-E12, SKT110UHD5-E12, SKT120UHD5-E12, SKT135UHD5-E10 100" - 135"
Evanesce TT ALR ITE115HD5-E8, ITE133HD5-E8 115" - 133"
ezCinema F60NWV, F72NWV, F84NWV, F100NWV, F120NWV, F150NWV, F80NWH, F84NWH, F100NWH, F120NWH, F150NWH, F80NWX, F95NWX, F123NWX 60" - 150"
ezCinema Tension FT74XWV, FT80XWV, FT84XWV, FT90XWV, FT100XWV, FT70XWH, FT74XWH, FT80XWH, FT90XWH, FT92XWH 70" - 100"
Tripod T50UWS1, T71UWS1, T85UWS1, T99UWS1, T113UWS1, T119UWS1, T136UWS1, T84UWV1, T100UWV1, T120UWV1, T120NWV1, T92UWH, T100UWH, T120UWH 50" - 136"
Pop-up Cinema POP84H, POP92H 84" - 92"
Yard Master 2 OMS110H2, OMS120H2, OMS135H2, OMS110HR2, OMS120HR2, OMS135HR2 110" - 135"
Pico PC35W, PC45W 35" - 45"
Whiteboard Thin Edge WB90XW1, WB97HW1, WB113XW1 90" - 113"
WhiteboardScreen WB30VW, WB58VW, WB77VW 30" - 77"
Insta-DE IWB63VW, iWB95XW, iWB102HW, iWB4x10HW 63" - 130"
Insta-DE2 IWB4.2x10W2, IWB114XW2, IWB5x10W2, IWB5x30W2 130" - 366"
Insta-DE2a IWB114XW2A, IWB5x30W2A 114" - 366"
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