LapCabby DeskCabby 12 Device USB Charging Cabinet

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The DeskCabby 12 Charge is an efficient device that can charge up to 12 USB devices simultaneously. Its USB hub is designed to deliver a high-speed charge at the most efficient rate, while also offering protection to both the devices and cables. This is achieved through a lockable retractable door and a cable management design that prevents theft or damage to the cables.

In addition to its protective features, the DeskCabby is also intelligent, as it can auto detect the make and model of the device being charged and deliver a high speed charge at the most optimal rate. It also has safeguards in place to prevent overcharging, and will switch to a trickle charge once the device's battery is full. The charging indicator lights provide feedback on the charging status of each device, indicating whether they are still being charged or are ready to use.

  • The DeskCabby 12 Charge is capable of charging up to 12 USB devices, including tablets, mobile phones, POS systems, e-readers, PDAs, and scanners, among others, with a maximum size of 12 inches

  • It features an auto-detection function that adjusts the current output to the maximum level allowed by the device manufacturer and USB specifications, individually for each attached device.

  • Once the device is fully charged, the DeskCabby automatically switches to trickle charging mode, which maintains the battery at 100% capacity by charging at a rate equal to the self-discharge rate.

  • The charging status of each device is indicated by individual LED lights that turn red when charging and green when fully charged. These lights are visible through the perforated front door, allowing the status of each device to be determined without opening it.

  • The DeskCabby can be locked and secured while charging, thanks to its perforated doors and internal fan, which keeps the devices cool.

  • The IEC socket comes with a 1.8m / 6 ft power cord that is designed to snap out if pulled away from the wall, preventing damage.

  • Up to three DeskCabby units can be daisy-chained and stacked together, allowing up to 36 USB devices to be charged from a single IEC power cord.

  • The USB ports are located in a rear lockable compartment, preventing cables from being removed from the front device compartment.

  • Cables are fed from the rear power compartment to the front device compartment via individual cable channels, keeping them organized and damage-free.

  • The device compartment size is W220 x D300 x T30 mm / 8.7" x 11.8" x 1.2", and no short or unreliable third-party cables are required.

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