Projector Accessories

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  1. Elite Evanesce TT ALR Electric Tension Projector Screen 115" to 133" Angle
  2. Elite Saker TT ALR Electric Tension Projector Screen 100" to 135" Blue
  3. Elite Powermax TT Tension Projector Screen 92" to 150" Angle
  4. Elite Starling TT Electric Tension Projector Screen 100" to 150"
  5. Elite Power Max Pro Series Electric Projector Screen 91" to 141"
  6. Elite Fixed Polar Star Series Projector Screens 100" to 150"
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Projector accessories are a range of tools and equipment that are used to enhance the overall performance and functionality of a projector. Some of the most common accessories include projector mounts, which are used to securely mount the projector to a wall or ceiling, and screen protectors, which help to reduce glare and protect the projector's lens from scratches and dust. Other popular accessories include remote controls, which allow users to control the projector from a distance, and carrying cases, which make it easy to transport the projector to different locations.

In addition to these basic accessories, there are also a number of different types of accessories that are designed for specific use cases. For example, there are short-throw lenses, which are used to project images from a shorter distance, and ultra-short throw lenses, which are designed for use in tight spaces. There are also wireless adapters and dongles, which allow users to connect their projector to a wireless network, and interactive pens, which can be used to interact with the projected image. These accessories can greatly enhance the overall user experience and make it more convenient and efficient to use a projector.

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